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Our Seasonal Process

1. Initial Contact: Develop an understanding of our prospective client's requirements and wishes.

2. Site Inspection: Visit the site and inspect for any unusual or difficult areas or circumstances.

3. Contract Proposal: Prepare a contact proposal and send it my mail. If accepted, our client would sign it, and mail it back to our office with either post-dated cheques, or their credit card number for processing.

4. Final Preparations: In early October, the properties will be inspected by the manager and skid steer operator. Driveway markers will be installed to assist crews throughout the winter. Special signs saying "Pile Snow Here" or "No Snow Here" are often installed in parking lots that could cause confusion.

Final preparations are made refining our clients' service requirements, and revising our route lists, automatic phone call and email notification systems, and all other strategies.

5. Snow Alerts: We try to notify our clients of any impending storms and our proposed snow storm management strategy. We do this by emailing our clients ahead of time. Phone calls are made to our customers as we get closer to our commencement, during a storm, and after a storm. This is done for many reasons, such as giving our valued customers an increased opportunity to move their vehicles prior to our arrival.

6. Dispatch Crew: Our skid-steer operators and snowblowing crews are dispatched at various times depending on the type and speed of storm, and the time of day. The timing of our operations is one of the most challenging facets to our business; the dispatch times are critical!

7. Monitor Service: Precision office staff and managers monitor all of our crews by real-time GPS and site inspections. We monitor the City's road plowing activity to try to determine the best time for our crews to revisit to remove the 'city snow ridge'.

8. Service Quality: The quality of our crews' work is inspected to ensure our high standards of service are being met.

9. Evaluation of Service: We review and evaluate our management of each snow event and implement improvements when necessary.

When severe weather hits, you want to know that your snow removal firm is prepared and ready for action. 

24 hours Emergency Service:

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